Thursday, October 07, 2010

Last One

It's been really hard to get pictures on I'm just going to continue my photos on facebook for friends and family. I'll still post on the food and presidential blog!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Columbia, Tulips and Downtown

-Columbia River Gorge. Just imagine...Lewis and Clark saw this!

-High atop the was pretty foggy but beautiful.

-I'm getting pretty good and self picture taking! Lots of waterfall pictures, too. See my facebook page for more!

-No whales on the coast, but...

-...we did see seals!

-They were pretty amazing. And loud.

-Tides. Funny thing if you are from Michigan.

-Coming from the west side of MI, the tulip farm was a must see. Jenny amidst them all.

-Seriously, I believe there were over 60 acres of tulips.

-Filbert (hazelnut) trees lined the edge of the patch.

-After tip-toeing through the tulips we decided on some new shoes.


-Various pictures of downtown Portland. This is part of the food vendors. It really doesn't do justice to how many there are!!!

-Eating a voo doo donut in End Mills Park. The smallest city park.

-Jenny contemplating the park in the rain.

-A bigger city park in the city.

-And finally the PDX. A very nice trip.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Eating, Hiking, and Inbetween

-Slappy Cakes = creativity, lots of sugar and carbs, becoming slap happy.

-Jenny demonstrating how it's done.

-A blueberry, lemon curd pancake!

-What I think of when I think of northwestern forests.

-This tree was over 600 years old! World Forestry Center.

-In a safari jeep, looking for trees.

-Hawthorne Street from Mt. Tabor.

-Food carts everywhere in this city.

-Mt. Tabor

-Baghdad Theatre, Hawthorne Street.

-Rogue beer

-Saturday Market (on Sunday) and Jenny's tribute to Dave.

-And, of course, more eats. See "For the Love of Food" blog to the right for more!

Cheese, Ice Cream, and Oceanside

-We went to the Tillamook Cheese factory. Yes, those are big blocks of delicious cheese.

-Steve enjoying the cheese tasting area.
-Stony, Jodie, and Jenny admiring cheese curds.

-Behold, the power of cheese.

-It's a ice cream was necessary as well.

-Then on to Oceanside to look for agates and see the Pacific.

-Steve running with the surf.

-Pushing the rocks into order.

-Jenny and I frolicking at the ocean.

-We think we found an agate...

-...but it was just a piece of sea glass. Still exciting!

-The outcropping we...

-...climbing through to get to the other side.

-Sea urchin!


-And Sea Star! Oh my!

-Jodie and Jenny strick a pose.

-Hang gliders above the sea.

-We like the ocean.

-A little view on the way back.